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KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik GmbH has been under the direction of Günter Specht and Daniela Kronenburg since 2014.
More than 60 years of company experience with product innovations driven by unique selling points make KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik a reliable partner for its customers. The KORIMAT autoclave has always been a proven device for food preservation.

Das Unternehmen KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik GmbH steht seit 2014 unter der Leitung von Günter Specht und Daniela Kronenburg.

President and CEO Günter Specht and Daniela Kronenburg

KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik attaches great importance to close customer relationship: The commissioning of every device is overseen by a company employee, operating staff is trained in detail, KORIMAT keeps track of mandatory audits for its customers and executes needed maintenance and repair work with professional precision.

Listening to customers is part of the company’s philosophy. Only when customers talk about their production, experiences and plans KORIMAT can gain this valuable information. These experiences and plans are incorporated into the further development and innovation of KORIMAT devices. They also had a major influence on the development of the new fully automatic control system. The family-owned company from Haiger in Hesse has thus satisfied a popular customer request.

KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik has establish itself internationally in recent decades with sales partners around the world and a team of highly qualified employees, enjoying an excellent reputation reflected in the huge demand for KORIMAT.

KORIMAT Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
Wiesenstraße 17, 65187 Wiesbaden / Germany

Gewerbeparkring 4
35756 Mittenaar-Ballersbach / Germany
phone: +49-(0)2772 / 576413-0 | e-mail: info@korimat.de | www.korimat-gmbh.de

KORIMAT at IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt