The KORIMAT KA 160 is generally heated electrically and equipped with:

  • counterpressure equipment
  • two valves for greater safety
    (1 safety valve with max. 2,5 bar excess pressure, 1 overflow valve continuously adjustable from 0 to 2,5 bar)
  • Classic electronic control unit: microprocessor MP6

Operating conditions:

Connection: 400 V three-phase current
Connection value: 9 kW
Operating overpressure: 2,5 bar


Both variants are available either with a marbled surface or with a polished surface.
Both variants are available standing or mobile unit.

  • Art.Nr. 4160258

Technical details KA 160

  • Appliance completely stainless from our own manufacture
  • Safety quick closure
  • Excellent, and therefore energy-saving all-round insulation
  • Classical microprocessor-control unit with program memory
  • Wide range of control facilities by specifying:
    • boiler temperature
    • cooking time
    • pre-set time
    • core temperature
    • F-value
    • delta cooking
  • Datarecording Set optional

Accesories for KA 160 with article-no and application.

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